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Birth of Agricultural Biostimulant

Research from Humble Beginnings in a Borrowed Barn

The founder of Amino Up Co. Ltd., Ken-ichi Kosuna, was committed to the development of fodder and feed in Hokkaido. He borrowed a barn and began experimenting with the fermentation of botanical extracts and natural cultures. During this process, he noticed that the plants in one particular area of grass were growing better than the ones around them. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was an area where he had accidentally spilled a compound he was working on. Mr. Kosuna was confused as to what could possibly be causing it, so he analyzed the substance and found that it was rich in the plant growth hormone, cytokinin. He immediately noted down the process and recipe, and introduced it to the market. The material was named as ‘Amino Up’, and is also the origin of our company name.

The History of Agricultural Biostimulant

1977Commencement of research into possible plant growth regulator
1979Commencement of institutional research into Amino Up
・Japan Association for Advancement of Phyto-regulators
・Hokkaido Agricultural Technical College
・Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station
・Hokkaido Central Agricultural Experiment Station
・Hokkaido Donan Agricultural Experiment Station
・Hokkaido Kitami Agricultural Experiment Station
・Hokkaido Research Organization, Industrial Research Institute
・Hokkaido Forestry Research Institute
・Mie Prefecture, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
1981Plant growth regulator ‘Amino Up’ goes on sale
1984Plant growth regulator ‘Amino Up’ sourced by the Hokkaido government for use in public works (civil engineering, etc.)

About Agricultural Biostimulant