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Energy Saving

Limiting Waste to Cut Emissions

We make use of many different technologies in order to cut our emissions.

LED Lighting

All lights in the ceiling of the Eco House have been changed to LEDs. In addition, the washroom lights are operated by movement sensors. If movement is not detected for a few seconds, they automatically switch off, preventing energy waste.

Recovering Heat from Waste Water

The manufacture of AHCC® results in a quantity of high-temperature water being produced. Hot water used in tank sterilization and heating is pumped into storage tanks, and the heat is re-used for air-conditioning, road heating, and other purposes. Furthermore, for our employees working in in this heat, we have introduced spot air-conditioning, which can be controlled to keep only the area where they are working cool.

Well Cooling

We use cold well water in the cooling of production tanks

Wall Insulation

In Hokkaido, proper wall insulation is a necessity. The Eco House and AHCC® factory were both constructed with this is mind. The external walls are constructed out of local Hokkaido red brick, sourced from Tokachi. These thick walls allow us to keep the interior well insulated.  


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