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Social Contributions

We Aim to Preserve the Environment and Realize a Society of Plenty – All our Staff Work Together to Make it Happen

As a company that cares about people’s health, Amino Up and its staff work together to protect the environment, and endeavour to give back to the local community. 

Eco House

Our new office building, utilizing over 70 environmental technologies, was completed in September of 2011. By using all these energy saving measures as much as possible, we are aiming to reduce our CO2 emissions by as much as 50%

Social Contributions

Amino Up works to contribute to society through a variety of activities, such as supporting local art and culture. Our employees all also take part in volunteer activities to support the local community. Employees do not just function as our staff, but on an individual level come to further appreciate society.

Community Communication Activities : Giving Factory Tours to Groups from Local Towns and Cities

Examples of our effective use of reusable energies include solar power generation, snow cooling system, geothermal heating system, and our usage of sunlight. Furthermore, we also adhere to a policy of local produce for local consumption, and try to protect nearby biodiversity. 

We also place huge importance on the local people, and people worldwide. As such, we are always delighted to welcome people to our facility. As of 2013, over 1,300 people from all over the world have visited our factory.

Employee Social Contribution Activity

Our employees help with keeping the surrounding areas clean, and also assist with welfare activities, blood donation, and sports communities. Self-improvement is one of the mottos of our company.

 Biodiversity Studies

We also do our very best to limit our environmental impact. As a part of that, we regularly conduct studies into the biodiversity around our premises, and aim to live in harmony with the wildlife around our company

Protecting the Environment

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