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Company History

1977Establishment of Institute of Hokkaido Fodder (private company)
1981Development of plant growth regulator ‘Amino Up’
1984Company incorporated as Amino Up Chemical
1989Development and debut of cultured Lentinula Edodes Extract ‘AHCC®’
1996Company relocated to new office, laboratory, and factory at Sapporo High-Tech Hill, Shin-ei
1998Development and debut of buckwheat derived antioxidant ‘PMP’ *No longer sold
2000Development and debut of high genistein content soybean extract ‘GCP®’
2002ISO 9002, HACCP-9000 certification
2003ISO 9001 certification
2005Grant program for complementary and alternative medicine at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine established. Distinguished Lecture Series grant program established at the Department of Nutrition, UC Davis.
2006Development and debut of lychee-derived low molecular weight polyphenol ‘Oligonol®’
2007ISO 22000, GMP certification
2011Completion of new AHCC® manufacturing facility and Eco-House building
2012Development and debut of asparagus extract, ‘ETAS®’
2014Oligonol® obtains FDA-notified GRAS status
2015ETAS® obtains self-affirmed GRAS status. Oligonol® approved as ‘food with functional claims’ by Consumer Affairs Agency, Japan.
2018Change of the company name to "Amino Up"