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Our Research Vision

We at Amino Up aim to create innovative value and novel products for healthier life that is in demand by society. On the company mission to “bring smiles to the world with the power of nature”, we pursue science based value creation.


Research Outline

We are passionately engaged in research into novel substances, their active ingredients and mechanisms. At our laboratory, the researchers come from a variety of backgrounds such as medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, agriculture and environmental science. Also, we conduct collaborative research projects with global forefront researchers with diverse backgrounds. Those research results are presented and published worldwide.

Carrying out collaborative research projects with over 100 institutions worldwide, we agressively work in nutirition and integrative medicine field to discover the unknown possibilities of functional foods for human life. Our worldwide research collaboration has been inspiring researchers mutually, and generate ideas for the new research projects continuously. International Congress on Nutrition and Integrative Medicine (ICNIM) is our/the global research network, where we exchange the latest research results and new ideas, as well as expand the human network of global researchers.