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Our Mission: Bring Smiles to the World with the Power of Nature

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

We took the A and U from Amino Up and worked them to form an equilateral triangle, with the bright green representing the color of fresh plant buds in spring. From our very first product, Super Amino Up, to our most popular, AHCC®, all of our products are of natural origin. These ‘blessings of nature’ form the roots of Amino Up.

The Origins of Our Name

Amino Up comes from Aminopurine, a cytokine which encourages growth in plants. The first product we developed, Super Amino Up, is a plant growth regulator, and our name comes from both.

Amino Up is Committed to the SDGs

United Nations (UN)
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

▪ The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations member states through a consensus reached at a UN summit held in New York in September, 2015. The 17 goals serve as a blueprint for the establishment of a sustainable society by 2030.
▪ With ‘No one will be left behind’ as its philosophy, the goals aim to achieve peace and prosperity worldwide, and by ensuring that development is sustainable, they also aim to tackle climate change during the same time-frame.

▪ We, Amino Up, will implement SDGs initiatives made possible by our unique philosophies into our corporate operations, and are committed to achieving these goals by 2030.