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HSP(Heat Shock Protein) inducer from Asparagus

Concentrated Asparagus Extract that Contributes to Normal Function of the Autonomic Nervous System


ETAS® is a functional, natural ingredient made with Asparagus. The healthy components are extracted, concentrated, and turned into powder. It supports the autonomic nervous system, which influences physical and mental health, and is an ingredient well suited to life in today’s busy, stressful society.

High Safety Standard

ETAS® is produced from natural asparagus, a safe food with a long history of human consumption. On top of this, we also put ETAS® through many safety and toxicity tests including single-dose toxicity study, sub-chronic oral toxicity study, micronucleus test and reverse mutation study to verify its safety.

Certified Halal, Certified Kosher

ETAS® has been certified as both Kosher and Halal by their respective certification organization.