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HSP(Heat Shock Protein) inducer from Asparagus

Standardized Extract of Asparagus Stem

ETAS® is a functional ingredient made with Asparagus that has been used in traditional medicine for its multiple health-supporting properties. The lower part of stems, that are cut off to unify length for shipping and normally discarded, are utilized as the raw material of ETAS®.

High Safety Standard

ETAS® is produced from natural asparagus, a safe food with a long history of human consumption. On top of this, we also put ETAS® through many safety and toxicity tests including single-dose toxicity study, sub-chronic oral toxicity study, micronucleus test and reverse mutation study to verify its safety.

Certified Halal, Certified Kosher

ETAS® has been certified as both Kosher and Halal by their respective certification organization.