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Geothermal Heat

By Making Use of Two Systems Utilizing Geothermal Energy, We Are Kind to the Environment and Lower Our CO2 Emissions

Our head office, ‘Eco House’, utilizes two geothermal technologies to keep it cool in summer and heat it in winter. Despite the wide variations in weather in Hokkaido, the temperature below ground is always stable. We utilize this for climate control in our building.

Geothermal Heat Pump

We use the stable temperature below ground to heat our entrance hall, and to heat the roads around our building in winter. As the temperature is always stable, from 50℉~54℉, it feels warm in winter and cool in summer. Using this temperature difference, we are able to efficiently manage the temperature in our building.

The geothermal heat pumps circulate water through an underground heat exchanger, and this heat is then converted for use in our building. Since this is reusable energy, it is kind to the environment, and allows us to cut both our CO2 emissions and our running costs.

Heat Exchange Trenches

An air-conditioning system that uses geothermal technology. We buried 40m long, 90cm wide pipes below our premises. By passing air drawn from outside through these pipes, we are able to cool it in summer and heat it in winter, and supply this to our building as air-conditioning.

Protecting the Environment