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Perilla Extract
Natural Substance from Green Perilla Leaf

A Natural Extract from Perilla Leaves Grown on Contracted Farms in Hokkaido

As our perilla extract is water-soluble, pleasant-tasting and pleasant-smelling, it can be used in a wide range of applications, from food and cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals.

Why is Japanese Sashimi Always Served with Perilla Leaves? 

Whenever you go to a Japanese restaurant and order sashimi, it will always come presented on a perilla leaf. We wondered why this was, and decided to look into the reasoning and science behind it.

We found that perilla has long been said to have anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties, and thus it was traditionally served with sashimi in order to prevent food poisoning.

Learning from the wisdom of our ancestors, we developed this into our perilla extract.

High Safety Standard

Perilla Extract has been cleared acute oral toxicity study and dermal studies including skin irritation test, eye irritation test and patch test.

Certified Halal, Certified Kosher

Perilla Extract has been certified as both Kosher and Halal by their respective certification organization.

Cooperation with Vital Solutions GmbH, Germany

Amino Up has a strategic cooperation with Vital Solutions GmbH for the research and development of innovative health ingredients based on Perilla Extract. Amino Up exclusively manufactures Perilla Extract, known as Benegut® for Vital Solutions.


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