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Higher absorption polyphenol from Lychee

Low molecular-weight polyphenol with heightened bioavailability.

Oligonol® is a lychee derived polyphenol which, due to our unique proprietary manufacturing process, has a high proportion of low-weight polyphenols. While ordinary polyphenols are too large to be easily taken up by the body, Oligonol® displays an uptake rate that is 3-5 times that of other polyphenols, and is a powerful anti-oxidant.

What Does Oligonol® Do?

Oligonol® is believed to assist in blood flow, skin condition, fatigue recovery after exercise, and metabolic function.
Research has been published on reduced shoulder stiffness due to improved blood flow, reduced skin damage due to UV radiation, and improved sports performance due to faster recovery.

What is in Oligonol®?

‘Oligonol®’ is an abbreviation drawn from ‘Oligomer polyphenol’, and is the world’s first low molecular-weight polyphenol, in which Lychee-origin polyphenols are oligomerized (broken up) to make them more bioavailable.

How is Oligonol® Made?

At our factory, lychee polyphenols are broken up in a process known as oligomerization, extracted, and purified. The oligomerization process is carried out with a unique production method developed together with Nagasaki University.

About the Safety of Oligonol®

Lychees have been eaten by people for thousands of years with no negative effects, and Oligonol® is also US FDA Self-affirmed GRAS, and has been accepted as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI). 

About Oligonol®

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