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About Agricultural Biostimulant

Due to Its Ability to Allow Increased Yields of High Quality Produce, Agricultural Biostimulant is Used the World Over.

Agricultural Biostimulant encourages the healthy growth that exists in all plants, and has been shown to lower levels of nitrate nitrogen. Agricultural Biostimulant has found popularity by helping producers to react to the environmental changes often encountered in present-day crop growing.

The Merits of Agricultural Biostimulant

Agricultural Biostimulant is different from agrochemicals or fertilizers in that its main ingredient is the botanical hormone cytokinin, extracted from mushrooms. It contains cytokinin to encourage plant growth, and nutritional amino acids. Due to this it:
・Aids in cell division
・Aids with putting down strong roots
・Prevents withering of leaves

In addition, it also promotes sugar and starch production by aiding in photosynthesis. It encourages the growth of sprouts and buds, and has many beneficial effects for a variety of plants. Agricultural Biostimulant is a unique, biologically active product that improves the quality and yield of crops, and is kind to the environment.

Lastly, due to finding its origins in mushrooms Agricultural Biostimulant is rich in oligosaccharides, and acts as an elicitor to raise resistance against parasites and other pests 

Promotion of Early Growth

Promotion of Root Growth

Promotion of Anchoring

Promotion of Germination

About Agricultural Biostimulant