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Operations Description

Biotechnology (culturing of microbes through proprietary large-tank culture system) based production and sale of plant growth regulator, cultured Lentinula Edodes Extract, and more.

Development and sale of naturally derived functional ingredients.

Tank culturing, test production runs using functional ingredient manufacturing methods.

Production of naturally derived agricultural products, food additives, functional ingredients, and more.

Company Sections

Research and Development Division
Our R&D division searches for new bioactive substances, determines the structure of active constituents, and investigates their mechanisms of action. Staff have backgrounds in fields such as medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, agriculture, microbiology, and environmental science, and conduct collaborative research with universities and institutions around the globe.

Manufacturing Division
Company know-how was used to invent a large-scale, long-term tank culture system that was previously thought to be difficult, and the Manufacturing division came into being. Sanitary conditions at the factory are carefully controlled through ensuring equipment is airtight and sterile, and production is monitored at all stages on the line. Therefore, we are able to undertake long-term culturing for several months even for sensitive fungi such as basidiomycetes. Consistency and stability in product quality is ensured with the help of cutting-edge technology and pharmaceutical-industry level equipment.

Quality Assurance Division
Product safety and stability is assured via strict, regular inspections carried out independently by our Quality Assurance Division. Checks are carried out not only on finished products, but also on raw material coming in, products going out, and at all stages of production. Container and packaging viability is also checked. The QA division takes responsibility for all stages of quality assurance. We are currently certified ISO9001:2015, ISO22000:2018, and GMP for dietary supplements. Based on these quality management systems, Amino Up makes it our quality policy to supply safer and more reliable products than ever before. We will continue to guarantee our safety management and quality assurance systems for our products.

Sales Division
The sales division is responsible for international and domestic sales activities, along with handling academic matters related to advancing collaborative research. Sales activities include supplying raw material to 
domestic/international food and supplement producers, proposing formulation ideas, and supplying OEMs. Academic activities include organizing collaborative research with hospitals and institutions worldwide, and gathering evidence for use in ensuring product trustworthiness. Also, data and information obtained through sales and research is transmitted worldwide in press releases and other formats to aid in product marketing.