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Amino Up Technology

Chasing the Concept of ‘Only One’

From the search for new ingredients, to finalizing products for market, all stages of production are carried out under our own unique systems. This allows us to produce unique, one-of-a-kind, ‘Only One’ ingredients. Ingredient research is not only carried out within our facilities but also with domestic and overseas universities and institutions, allowing us to evaluate both basic and clinical functionality. We then utilize those developed ingredients, and patent their manufacturing process.

Furthermore, we keep our manufacturing facilities in-house, and depending on the product and format we are able to produce finished products completely independently.
Keeping everything in-house in this way, we are able to thoroughly ensure product safety, and realize the concept of ‘Only One’

Pursuit of Evidence

We make providing proof of the safety and functionality of our ingredients our top priority, and are constantly conducting both basic and clinical research. The wealth of evidence we have gained allows us to manufacture trustworthy, safe products that we have complete faith in.