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Manufacturing Process

Production at Our Factory

Safe, reliable, and high quality. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, each individual staff member has a commitment to quality, and manufacture all products in accordance with our policies.

Medical-grade Microbial Control

When talking about threats to food safety, nothing is more dangerous than microbes. At Amino Up we work under a strict management system, similar to medical-grade, to ensure we remove any threat of microbial contamination.

Cutting-edge Heavy Metals Analysis

Plants, fungi, and other natural organisms can sometimes unfortunately absorb heavy metals from the soil they live in. We thoroughly analyze all products and raw materials to make sure they do not contain lead, arsenic, cadmium, or other toxic heavy metals. Only products that are safe for consumers leave our factory.

Traceability: From Raw Material to Finished Product, We Keep Track of All with a Double Written Record and Computer System

From raw material to finished product, we keep track of all with a double written record and computer system

Product records, such as raw material used, facilities, and even down to which particular tank was used are all kept. All records are preserved under a strict record management system. In the case of any problems arising with a product, this allows us to smoothly identify the cause, or take steps to ensure the same issue does not occur again,

Pre-shipment Checks

All products are re-quality tested upon batch completion, and only products which pass leave our factory. Each test is specialized to the form and characteristics of each product, and are carried out to the strictest standards.