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Agricultural Biostimulant

Plant Growth Regulator that Aids in the Growth of Crops and Improves Yields

Agricultural Biostimulant is produced from mushroom mycelia, and is a natural ingredient containing the botanical hormone cytokinin and amino acids.

It encourages the healthy growth inherent in plants, and has found popularity by helping producers to react to the environmental changes often encountered in modern crop production. Amino Up has been shown to aid in cell division, nutrient uptake, root taking, root growth, protein synthesis, and demonstrates an ability to aid in the healthy growth of rice.

About Agricultural Biostimulant

Agricultural Biostimulant encourages the healthy growth that exists in all plants, and has been shown to lower levels of nitrate nitrogen. Amino Up has found popularity by helping producers to react to the environmental changes often encountered in present-day crop cultivation.

Functions of Agricultural Biostimulant

Agricultural Biostimulant contains a combination of cytokinin, a plant growth modulator, and amino acids for plant nutrition. The ingredients work in harmony to produce the effects observed in Agricultural Biostimulant. In addition, it also promotes cell division, sugar and starch production by aiding in photosynthesis, encourages the growth of sprouts and buds, and has many beneficial effects for a variety of plants.

The Birth of Agricultural Biostimulant

The founder of Amino Up co.,ltd., Ken-ichi Kosuna, was committed to the development of fodder and feed in Hokkaido. He borrowed a barn and began experimenting with the fermentation of botanical extracts and natural cultures. During this process, he noticed that the plants in one particular area of turf were growing better than the ones around them, and Agricultural Biostimulant was born.

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