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Production Facilities

Consistent Production of Safe, High-quality Products

In order to provide our customers with the best, safest products possible, tests and checks are carried out at every stage of production, some of which have been computerized to further improve safety.

Contamination Countermeasures

When stepping on to the factory floor, all employees adhere to strict procedures; Employee’s personal items are left outside, and coveralls, gloves, long rubber boots, and masks are worn. Employees use a lint roller to remove any fibers attached to them, and lastly they go through a high-tech air shower and arrive on the factory floor.

In addition, all production stages where employees come into direct contact with the material are carried out in special cleanroom areas in the factory. These areas are kept to even higher cleanliness standards, such as the utilization of temperature and humidity control, and rooms are also kept at positive air pressure to keep foreign particles out.

Large-scale Tank Culturing Technology (AHCC® Factory)

When manufacturing AHCC®, on top of dealing with very delicate mycelia, the long time needed for the culturing process requires complete control over the environment.

Using the know-how we have gained and nurtured over the years, we were one of the first companies to succeed in long-term mycelium culturing. We also use medical-grade machinery in our freeze-drying process, and all plant areas are treated as cleanrooms.

24 Hour Computer Control

All aspects of the manufacturing process are monitored by cameras and computers 24 hours a day. Adding this to the human element involved in manufacture also helps to ensure consistency in all products.

Human Element

At certain stages of production, staff checks on appearance and aroma are also important in ensuring quality. This combined with computer control ensures even slight variations are quickly picked up and corrected.

Sustainable Technology

We use natural groundwater in the cooling of machinery, and waste heat from the factory is also used to heat roads and assist in boiling water. Using technology such as this, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment.