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AHCC® Distributors

Exclusive Distributors for AHCC®

  • AHCC® bulk powder (raw material) is manufactured only by Amino Up in the world, and is available only through our exclusive distributors around the world (as listed below).
  • Please click on the logos for more detailed information about the distributors.
  • If you find a bulk powder (raw material) named AHCC (or Active Hexose Correlated Compound) from other sources, the material is most likely a counterfeit. Please contact us if you have any concerns.
  • AHCC® bulk powder (raw material) is made into consumer products by various brands. The authentic consumer products are shown on our product catalog website (
Americas (North, Central and South)
Maypro Industries LLC. (Raw material)
Australia and New Zealand
Pathway International Pty Ltd (Raw material)
Shmidt ltd. (Finished product)
Guangzhou Amino Up Health Food Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 廣州阿明諾保健品科技有限公司 (Raw material)
Czech, Slovakia and Poland
Finclub PLUS, a. s. (Finished product)
Europe (Western)
VF Bioscience SAS (Raw material)
PT Menjangan Sakti (Raw material)
KCF Korea (Raw material)
AHCC Nutrients Phils. (Finished product)
Magicno Bilje (Finished product)
South Africa
Coyne Healthcare (Finished product)
Toong Yeuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. 統園企業股份有限公司 (Raw material)
AHCC Thailand (Finished product)
Abay Pharma Saglik Urunleri A.S(Finished product)