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Incorporated Strategies, Adapted to the Wildlife Around Us.

It can be said that the most distinctive aspect of the planning of our building was the great care it took towards protecting biodiversity. We implemented a variety of strategies adapted to the area, and work towards protecting and promoting the wildlife around us.

Planting Area and Roadside Trees

In order to allow diversity to flourish on our premises, we took a leveled approach to tree-planting. The trees were planted in order of size to allow all of them to grow healthily. We also only used plants which are suited to the local area in the construction of our grounds.

Wildlife Tunnel

We constructed a series of tunnels beneath our offices to allow wildlife to pass easily through them.

Planting of Hackberries, a Favorite of Sasakia Charonda

The Sasakia Charonda, also known as the Great Purple Emperor, is the national butterfly of Japan. The species is unfortunately near-threatened. We planted hackberries, a favorite of the butterfly, to preserve and protect those near our facilities.

Protecting the Environment