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Solar Energy

Sunlight is Renewable Energy

By using sunlight, another of nature’s gifts, we are able to lower both our fuel costs and our CO2 emissions.

Double-skin Construction

The Eco House building has a double-skin construction, with two walls of glass a meter apart. By circulating fresh air through this space, we are able to prevent room temperature rises in summer. In winter, we are able to allow heat from the sun to build up in this space, acting as a blanket for the building and keeping it warm.

Solar Energy

We have installed solar panels with a 10kw generating capacity on the roof of the AHCC🄬 factory. The electricity generated covers the usage of shared areas in the Eco House building. We are also able to monitor our energy usage in real time, allowing us to more efficiently work towards cutting our CO2 usage.

Natural Light

As three sides of the Eco House are constructed out of glass, the inside of the building gets lots of natural sunlight. The ceiling also has skylights placed at regular intervals, further making use of natural light. This means that on sunny days, energy can be conserved as electricity does not need to be wasted on lighting.

Protecting the Environment