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Local Production Local Use

In the Eco House Building, we Used High-quality Materials from Local Sources

Black Railway Sleepers

The black railway sleepers found on our premises are made from Hokkaido larch, and were crafted by the Shimokawa Shinrin Kumiai.
Citrus vinegar and tar was applied to the larch, increasing their longevity and strength.

Ash-Laminated Windows

Our window frames were made using high-quality ash from Yubari City, and manufactured in Asahikawa City. They bring a warm feeling to the rooms, and are both insulating and long lasting.

Oak Flooring

The flooring in the entrance lobby of our Eco House is made from Otaru Oak, and was manufactured in Yubari City.

Redbrick Walls

The external walls of our building were constructed using bricks made in Tokachi. These bricks are made from Tokachi clay, which is known for its high quality and low iron content, which is then shaped and baked in Toyokoro. These bricks are resistant to low temperatures, and bring a classic feeling to the building.

Ceiling Louvers

Our roofing beams use conifer lumber (larch, pine), which was crafted into beams in Akkeshi Town, Near Kushiro.

Protecting the Environment