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Rain & Snow & Water

By Storing Snow and Rainwater, Also Some of Nature’s gifts, We are Working to Cut Our CO2 Emissions

We are saving energy by using rainwater and winter snow.
By saving water, we are able to reduce energy usage related to pumping water, and by using stored snow for cooling, we are able to reduce our electricity usage in summer.

Snow Cooling

We have a snow cooling system installed in our Eco House. We use the cold air of snow to cool air brought in from outside, and then pump this through our building to cool our facilities.

We constructed a storage facility capable of holding 200 tons of snow beneath our offices, and every winter we fill it with snow that falls on our premises. We open holes in the snow, pass air through it, and this air then cools our building. By increasing the surface area with which the air comes into contact with, we are able to improve efficiency even further. This cooling system is used for the 1st and 2nd floors of our building, and melted snow is also pumped below the floors to cool them, used for the washrooms, and as water for plants.

Rainwater Usage

Rainwater is pumped from our roof to a storage tank below our building. It is then stored, filtered, and used for the washrooms and as water for plants.

Recovering Heat from Waste Water

The manufacture of AHCC® results in a quantity of high-temperature water being produced. Hot water used in tank sterilization and heating is pumped into storage tanks, and the heat is re-used for air-conditioning, road heating, and other purposes. Furthermore, for our employees working in in this heat, we have introduced spot air-conditioning, which can be controlled to keep only the area where they are working cool.

Well Cooling

We use cold well water in the cooling of production tanks

Protecting the Environment